XL-Fume silica fume is an industry standard, pozzolanic, supplementary cementing material used to produce concrete or shotcrete, mortar or cementitious grouts requiring increased strength and/or reduced permeability of the hardened cement matrix. Silica fume reacts with the hydration products of Portland cement, forming calcium silicate hydrate gel, which enhances strength and durability by consuming weaker calcium hydroxide.

XL-Fume silica fume has been specially developed to provide enhanced bulk material flow and handling characteristics, providing efficient bulk transportation and pneumatic unloading. XL-Fume silica fume meets all current CSA, ASTM and AASHTO standards for silica fume.


Densified XL-Fume is available in bulk pnumatic trailers and 20kg (44lb) paper bags. Bulk bags and custom packaging is available upon request.

XL-Fume Highlights




Well Cementing

Typical Uses

  • Concrete |

  • Shotcrete |

  • Well Cementing |

  • Repair Products |

  • Refractory & Ceramics


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